Rose Falcon Exclusive Interview!

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I had the pleasure of talking to one of my favorite country artists, and people; Rose Falcon.  If you don’t know Rose I will fill you in, she has written for Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, Jessie James and more.  One of my favorite songs she wrote was in Country Strong Give In To Me.  Rose is signed to Showdog Universal and just got married to Rodney Atkins!  Rose got some of her favorite media outlets including SRS and gave us the details on her latest music video, the wedding, and more!

When I asked Rose how she was balancing everything, including post-wedding cards and ordeals she responded “Not very well! (laughs) How does someone with a 9-5 job deal with everything? I’m still in the wedding world with the thank you notes and emails; I wish the world would stop.”  Rose had a fairytale wedding to Rodney on November 10th in Captiva Island, Fl.  The incredible pictures look surreal with her gorgeous dress, incredible background, and the fairytale presentation.  Rose is recording and the time frame is “always so ever changing and never happens when you want it to.”

When I asked about tour pranks Rose told me “I do get bored I am creative.  I do fun little stuff, Rodney and I found a dollar store in Canada.  We found an arm there, we were able to stick it out of a bunk with a wig make it look like someone crawled into his bunk. I can’t handle pranks, I can’t get pranked back.” It was so cute listening to Rose tell the story and asking Rodney questions about where they were in between explaining it to me.

Rose also dished to us about her latest music video “I wanted to bring an emotion, the song is emotional and the first time hearing they may not really hear it.   I engaged myself in making the video where I’m at in my life, and it’s a celebration of love in general.”   I talked to Rose about her fans and what she wants them to take away from listening to her music.  Rose told me she wants people that listen to her music to “Take them away from their life, for a moment a vacation from problems.”  Be sure to check out Rose on Twitter, Facebook, and her website.

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