PREMIERE: The Wilderness’ “Virginia Sapphire”

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What happens when an Englishman, a Frenchman, two Americans and two Canadians take over an open mic? “The Wilderness” – borrowing influences from Bruce Springsteen, Mumford and Sons and Paul Simon to create their own lively brand of rock’n’roll.

They’re no strangers to discomfort and lengthy drives to entertain audiences of all sorts. The Wilderness’ sound is a fabric of guitars, saxophone and keys, woven by powerful vocals led by an intricate groove of percussion, drums and bass. Four years and over 400 shows later, their music continues to drive them forward to new horizons.

When not performing on stage, you can find them on the road, busking or sleeping at a truck stop somewhere between two cities.

“The song is about revisiting a place that held dark memories. Teenage boredom, hopelessness, the crushing loneliness of suburbia”

Tour Dates:

Nov 22nd: Twisted Wheel (Peterborough, ON)

Nov 23rd: TBC (Kingston, ON) release party.

Nov. 28th: Antler Room (Toronto, ON) // Collective Arts Presents

Dec 13th: The Rainbow (Ottawa, ON)

Jan 9th-11th: Springboard Festival (Ocean Beach, CA)