Our exclusive chat with Italian band atWood

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atWood is an amazing new band hailing from Milan, Italy. They just dropped their second single “Dance in the Sun” and lead singer Alice got to talk to us on it all!

What is the story behind your single “Dance in the Sun”?
Dance in the sun is a risk we decided to take, because we wanted to experiment with new sounds and include more pop influences, knowing not everyone might like it. Same goes for the video: we included a lot more colours and effects, if compared to our previous single. The lyrics are about being aware of the complexity of the reality we live in, because it’s quite colourful – there’s not just black and white.

How would you best describe your sound?

As a melting pot of sounds, mainly alternative rock, pop and electronic.

What inspired you to become a band?
We were all looking for a band to do things seriously with. We got together by chance, through a Facebook post, and then realized pretty quickly that we would work well together. So here we are. Inspiration comes from our passion for music and live shows. It all makes us feel alive.

How do you manage to stay friends while being a band?
We spend so much time together, then we’re actually more of a family: we fight a lot, because we want everything to be perfect, but at the end of the day, we love each other.

What are some of your favorite albums?
“All we know of heaven, all we need of hell” by Pvris, “A flash flood of colour” by Enter Shikari, “Primrose Path” by Dream State, “Dissonants” by Hands like houses.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Yes! On Nov 30 we’re playing a female metal night with two local bands here in the Milan area. We’re super excited!

What are your favorite hotspots in Milan?
As musicians, we love live clubs, so I’d say Rock'n'Roll Milano and Legend Club. We’ve also played there a few times – they’re amazing places for up and coming bands.

What do you wish more people knew about Italy?
Well, that there’s more to our food than just pizza and pasta, and that there a lot of incredible underground bands.