Our Exclusive Chat with Alexis Wilkins

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So you released not one but three new songs earlier this month! Why these three?
Yes!! “If I’m Being Honest”, “615” and “RSVP” have always felt to me as though they went together, and after so many plans changing for release dates and plans (like everyone else, because of the virus) I just decided that people could use some music right now.

Can you pick a favorite?
“If I’m Being Honest” has a video to it that is premiering on CMT and I’m really excited about that, so that’s been the focus right now but really, I can’t pick, I love all of them.

What was your songwriting process like?
I usually start with an idea or title and then everything stems from there! If I have the idea then I can usually work on how it all comes together or take it to my co-writers and get the feeling of the music and the lyrics started.

You wrote your first song at age six. Do you remember what it was about?
I do! It was about unifying and helping each other. I read an article in a magazine that inspired me to try to raise money for a cause and so I wrote something that reflected that.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I hope that listeners feel heard and understood. I love taking smaller moments and blowing them up so that people go “oh yeah, I’ve felt that but I didn’t know how to say it!” That’s really the goal here. We all go through similar experiences and music is such a uniting force.

What do you think the future of live music will be like?
I’ve done some socially distanced shows, I’ve done some live streams. I hope that moving forward we see a shift towards a more normal concert experience, but only time will tell. I’m just so excited that we’re starting to see shifts where we’re able to bring a show to people at all!

You’ve done some acting in the past. Would you consider doing more?
I have! You know, I think that that was a fun experience for me but my heart is all music right now. I make it a point to say never say never about everything though!

Stalking your Instagram page we see that you have the cutest dog you got to spend quarantine with. Any movie/ music/ book/ podcast suggestions for us?
Oh my gosh thank you! She’s everything to me. It’s been actually so nice to get to spend this time with her. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction historical books that I’ve been collecting. The Newsroom is my favorite TV show, so rewatching that is always really great. The Quad with Chris Young is awesome!! American History Tellers is really great too.