Neil Frances with Luke Wild at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

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Luke Wild

Luke Wild at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

It’s 9:00 pm on a freezing Friday, and everyone shuffles on in, ready to get loose and dance off their workday. Once the lights go dim, it’s time to boogie!

Opening for Neil Frances was Luke Wild. One of the liveliest musicians who really love to interact with the crowd. Having been his first time in Chicago, I think the windy city treated him as well as he treated the fans.

As for our headliner, after over six years of singles, EPs, and plenty of writers’ block; the duo is back with their first full-length album “There is no Neil Frances”. 

The two who make up the band are Jordan Feller, of Australia, and Marc Gilfry, of California. What a pair. The energy these two have on stage with each other and the crowd is something special.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen a more positive and chilled-out crowd all grooving along with one another at a concert, especially during stressful times like these. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves.

The lighting and production were simple, colorful, and very effective. With four glowing boxes surrounding the band, it really illuminated and highlighted the outline and silhouettes of the artists. It really showed that simple lighting and production is sometimes more effective than lasers, CO2 cannons, or confetti, reinstating the fact that Music Sounds Better With You (You being in the moment that is). The crowd was purely all smiles. 

Neil Frances at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

Neil Frances at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

After the two met in 2012, during a huge era of alt-pop music, it wasn’t until 2017 that they released their first single together as Neil Frances. 

The energy in the room was immaculate and everyone’s dancing and enthusiasm were unmatched. Having never seen Neal Frances perform live, I was truly in for something special. Groovy all around, the alt-pop pair got my immediate attention after hearing the first few notes of a funky bass line. I found myself dancing with my camera and I just couldn’t stop. After a first listen without knowing it, you might think that it’s some Tame Impala with hints of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Poolside, but they’ve got their own unique dreamy spin on it. Spicing up the sound with synths, bass, and an extremely talented drummer. Without a doubt, the band gets two thumbs up. 

If you come across the chance to see these two artists perform, I highly recommend hopping on the opportunity. Their tour is continuing with 8 more shows in North America and is absolutely a must-see. The remainder of the tour includes:



Salt Lake City 






As stated before, this band puts on a must-see performance, especially if you’re into some funk and groovy tunes.

Neil Frances at Lincoln Hall, Chicago

Neil Frances at Lincoln Hall, Chicago