Miranda Lambert Live at Country Thunder!

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Heading into the concert grounds of Country Thunder on Friday 7/25 was much different than any of the five previous years attending. The amount of strong, empowered women lining up at the fence to see Miranda Lambert was astonishing and I was taken aback.

Miranda took the stage beginning with the song “Baggage Claim (Come and Get Your Shit)”. A powerful song about a woman kicking a man that did her wrong to the curb. The women around me were hootin’ and hollerin’ over Miranda’s powerful voice and message.

One song that is a personal favorite, “Heart Like Mine” really spoke to everyone at the festival. There were both men and women raising their glasses, bottles, and cans when the chorus came around. You could feel the revitalization of every soul in that field. It’s an uplifting feeling to know that we are still loved and looked at as being understood; even with 90% of the audience intoxicated.

Lambert took over that stage and made herself feel right at home. The crowd loved every minute of her performance. Two fans even took to the stage they loved her so much. Security handled the stage jumpers, Miranda went on with her show with full composure. The whole experience of seeing her perform live was breath-taking. If you have never seen her live I would start looking up tour dates right now. She has a presence and show you don’t want to miss!