Johnny Orlando Teams Up With DVBBS For New Single “I Don’t”

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Canadian singer-songwriter and international pop star Johnny Orlando just released the music video for his latest collaboration with multi-platinum Canadian production/DJ duo, DVBBS,  “I Don’t”.

For the video, directed by Sam Cahill, Orlando and dancer Ellie Zeiler play teenagers who rob a gas station convenience store before driving away and being chased by two lawmen.

Following his JUNO Award-nominated sophomore EP It’s Never Really Over, “I Don’t (with DVBBS)” is the first new music from Johnny Orlando in 2021 so we caught up with the artist about the song and what’s to come.

SRS | Congrats on “I Don’t” and its new accompanying video, they’re both remarkable! You actually wrote the song back in 2019. Why was now the perfect time to release it for you?

Johnny Orlando | Honestly, it just took that long to put everything together. And the feel of the song is very different from the stuff that I was doing then or even the stuff that I’m doing now. But I feel like it’s a better fit now. Basically, in 2019, there was the initial recording session, it was actually part of another session. It was the same day that we recorded “Adelaide,” which was on my last EP. It really was a good day for my discography. We had the initial demo and it was almost kind of funky then. The bass line that you hear in the song today is identical to the one that was in the demo. However, the one in the demo was much more slap bass, it had more of a groovy vibe than an EDM one. I thought it was cool, I thought that it had a lot of potential and that there was definitely somewhere to go with it. But I just really didn’t know what to do with it. And then my A&R, Sean Marino at Universal Canada told me he knew DVBBS and that we should try to get them on this if they’re interested. In my head, there was no way these guys were gonna go for it but we reached out to them and they were down immediately. I was really surprised because they’re from Orangeville which is about an hour and a half away from where I grew up so I knew they’re kind of Toronto/Canadian legends. I’m really happy that I got to work with them on this but it took that long to finally get a mix that we were all happy with and that also coincided with the rest of the music that I was releasing. Not to say that I’ll be doing a ton more EDM stuff, but this song just had a bit of an older feel, it’s a bit savage. I feel like if I had come out with that a year and a half ago or even a year ago, people would have found it questionable so yeah, now is the right time.


Tell us about the visuals and the music video. It seems like quite the experience! How did Ellie Zeiler come on board?

I reached out to Ellie through DMs. I asked her if she wanted to be in a music video and she was down. A week after, we were shooting. Everything was very rushed because we filmed it in L.A. in January, right after my birthday. Sam Cahill is the director of the music video and he came up with the treatment so fast, it was incredible, I love how it turned out. He tossed that together while facetiming me the day before and he was like at like “okay props, warehouses, what do you think of these and what do you think of that?” The day of, we got that car, the 64 Impala, on a car ranting app. We drove down to Atlanta, CA and although it was all very last minute, I love the way it turned out.


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