EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Carter Sit Down!

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Jacklyn got the chance to sit down with Aaron Carter while in town on his The After Party tour.

JK: We heard you were in the studio, what can you tell us about your new music?

AC: My new music is the 2.0 version of me.  I’m not trying to be anything else but myself.

JK: If you had to get a tattoo to describe The After Party tour what would it be?

AC: Uhm probably some lips on my neck or my knee; something sexual.

JK: After tour we heard you’re going international, where’s one place that you’d like to tour that you haven’t been to yet?

AC: I’ve been to almost every continent but I’m looking forward to Argentina, Portugal, Amsterdam I love that place.

JK:  What emoji best describes you?

AC: A rose, well I mean  I would send someone one

JK: With all of your female fans you’re sure to get some funny pick up lines, what is the best one pulled on you?

AC: Funny pick up lines, I don’t even remember I think I’ve gotten all of them, (laughter.)  “I know you want candy but you can have me” (More laughter)

JK: Being on tour everyone has that one crazy story what’s yours?

AC: Maybe the craziest story was like (pause) I don’t know.  Maybe me and my friends tried giving pizza to the fans waiting outside and someone hit a girl in the head with it and a slice fell and she just picked it up and ate it. (all while acting the scene out)

JK: Wow any tour pranks?

AC: “Nah not right now maybe one day” said with a mischievous smile.

JK: Who’s the prank going to be on?

AC: Can’t tell you.

JK: Thank you for sitting down with us

AC: Anytime thank you for having me!

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