Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio Got You Covered For Your Latest Obsession

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Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio may be eleven but you would never guess that from the songs they chose on their brand new cover album.

SRS: Tell us how your cover album came about.

“We started doing covers a while ago.  The first one we did was for Elle King’s “X’s and O’s” and it was so much fun, we decided to do more.  So, picked out some songs that we hear all the time at home and in the car with our mom and dad.  There is so much cool stuff out there and since we play guitar and drums, we wanted to do songs from bands that we liked.”

SRS: Is there a favorite cover either of you have?

“Bianca – I love playing the more rocking guitar stuff.  it’s a lot of fun.  So i guess The Ramones “I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” was super fun.  Linda Ramone, Johnny Ramones wife saw it and posted it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  We couldn’t believe it!

Chiara – Drums are my instrument and i love banging loud and hard on them. lol.  But, I love the Best Coast song “Crazy For You”.  Bethany from Best Coast saw it and tweeted about it.  It was so cool.”

SRS: You two learned drums and guitar for this album. Which was harder to master?

“We have been playing for a while now, but this was a new challenge, because we wanted to do a really good job with hopes that other kids our age would get inspired to play as well.  So, learning the parts, we worked with our coach, Marko Desantis from the band Sugarcult and when we got the songs down, we practiced and practiced!”  

SRS: Are you going to go on tour to support the album or do any live performances?

“We hope to get out and play the songs.  We have done a lot of shows at local schools in California.  The students are always really excited and when they recognize a song, they can join in.  We hope that if they don’t know them, they will hear them or see the youtube videos and get into them like we did.  They are such fun songs!”

SRS: You gals cover artists like The Ramones and Weezer! Incredible! What would your fans be surprised to find on your iPod?

“Hmmm… we like everything.  We love Spice Girls, the Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Run DMC, I guess just about everything.  Our mom and dad love music, so we hear everything.  We just recorded a cover of “Gives You Hell” by All American Rejects.  We first heard that song on Glee and loved it.  So we didn’t even know it was by All American Rejects! lol.”

SRS: What are some other songs you’d love to cover in the future?

“We are currently picking some (like All American Rejects “Gives You Hell”), and are always just asking our dad for ideas.  There is so much great stuff out there that most kids don’t know and we hope by doing our covers that will turn them on to this great stuff!  We are always interested in everyone’s ideas.  So post on our Facebook or Instagram any ideas you might have!!!”

SRS: Can we expect more original music soon?

“We just recorded a new original song we wrote with Marko called “Young and Free” it’s so much fun and about being a kid and having fun… We can’t wait for you to hear it.  We are going to make a video for it for sure!”


SRS: Why is being part of the anti-bullying campaign Boo@Bullying so important to you?

“We are 11 years old and we are super aware of how much pressure is out there for kids these days.  Especially with social media.  While we all love it, the cyber bullying has gotten really crazy.  Kids just want to be kids and have fun with their friends.  So, we try to encourage everyone not to give up and (hopefully) shine the light to people how mean it is and to not do it.  Peace and love!!!”

SRS: Should we expect to see your faces grace our television screens anytime soon?

“Haha… We love doing shows and movies.  We are currently working on 3 projects that we hope to see come out this year!  I think that’s all we can really say about that.  Right mom? lol.”