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5 Seconds of Summer “She Looks So Perfect” EP Review

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If you like Blink-182, We The Kings and One Direction then 5 Seconds of Summer is definitely a band you’ll want to check out. With a ridiculously catchy pop-rock vibe, you’ll find yourself rolling down the windows to blast their latest music to other nearby drivers. On April 1st we were treated to a brand new EP featuring 3 original songs and a classic rock song cover. Originally hailing from Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer, gained worldwide acclaim while touring with One Direction during their Take Me Home tour. Now they’re climbing their way to the top of the charts in multiple countries with their hit single “She Looks So Perfect”.

The EP, albeit short, showcases a lot of the bands personality. Through the four songs you really get an idea of what it is these guys can do. The first song “She Looks So Perfect” is a great starting point. The song has a Top 40 radio kind of feel, but with a bit of an edge you don’t usually hear from a boy bands now days. The mix of rock-pop influence and the incredibly appealing lyrics result in a perfect combination. I can definitely admit that this will get you dancing.

The next song on the EP is “Heartache On The Big Screen”. This piece definitely has more of a rock feel to it. Kind of like something you would hear on a Fall Out Boy or Paramore album. The subject of heartache and loss of love is something that we’ve almost all have dealt with. Using movies as a metaphor the song does a good job providing a very creative and imaginative story through its lyrics.

“The Only Reason” is easily the rock pop ballad of 5SOS’s EP. While it may not be the most upbeat song, it really shows that the boys are able to cover a variety of song types and genres. By slowing things down you can really hear the vocal talent these guys have and possibly fall in love with them at the same time. Lastly there is a cover of “What I Like About You”, a classic originally sung by The Romantics in the 70’s. The boys offer up a new flavor to the song, making it a little more upbeat and include multiple vocal layers to give it a new sound.

If this is any teaser as to what we may find on 5 Seconds of Summer’s full-length album, I’ll be pre-ordering it for sure. 5SOS is a refreshing take on boy bands and it’s a shame that they have been flying under the radar. Hopefully their fan base continues to grow so we can keep seeing even bigger and better things from members Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton!