The Jonas Brothers. The Tour. The Review.

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It is August 2023. I am in a stadium for a three-hour nostalgia fest concert from my favorite artist I have been a fan of since middle school. Friendship bracelets are being swapped. I have one of those bracelets that glows with the show. So many red sequined dresses! I find my way to my seat near the catwalk. I can’t believe what I paid. I also cannot believe I am not at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but at the Jonas Brothers’ opening weekend of tour at Yankee Stadium.

Three Hours. It’s a lot. It had me questioning if I should change my maxi pad during this said intermission girls whispered about. Maybe before the show starts. Lines, ya know! I should go after too, right? But three hours, I need a drink…wait I CAN DRINK now compared to 2008. I mean I should get a snack too then, right? One simply needs to prepare. You will be dancing and singing, and probably crying (it’s the hormones, I swear) because these three brothers, for three hours put on a show.

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Jonas Brothers

With the selling line, “Five Albums. One Night.”, the Jonas Brothers kicked off their latest tour, titled “The Tour”, with two nights at Yankee Stadium. 66 songs were played. Yea. What sets the Jonas Brothers apart is their utter charm. They are clearly delighted to be there, grateful for the experience, genuinely having a good time, and just are really hot dads. When chatting to the crowd, Joe asked longtime fan, Emily, what she does for a living. “Dentist” she replied with a smile. “I actually knew that!” beamed Nick, smugly to his older brother.

This tour had a full horn section and strings, which permanently need to be added to the Jonas Brothers’ touring band. A mystery as to why four backup singers are part of the tour when KEVIN is RIGHT THERE!! There indeed was an intermission. In a bizarre yet enjoyable moment on night two, late-night TV host, Jimmy Fallon, appeared on stage and began singing, “Mr. Brightside”. The brothers’ former bodyguard Big Rob joined them for the first time in years to perform their track, “Burnin’ Up”. Jon Bellion, Kirk Franklin, and an entire choir appeared for a performance of the new track, “Walls” off of Joe, Nick, and Kevin’s latest album, The Album. No one in my section knew the words. Several people sat down. Ironic because the song shouts “Levantate” literally meaning “get up” in Spanish. Rather than showing, the audience was all for the escapist nostalgia.

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Jonas Brothers

I will be attending at least five shows on this tour. And those eleven words could be a review in and of itself. I think I need to go to Michael’s Craft Store (Official Tour Sponsor) before their fall leg to stock up on beads. How many packs do you think I need to get all the “o’s” for “JoBro Hoe”?

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