SHOW REVIEW – The Cab @ The Pyramid Scheme

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By: Jacklyn Krol

Driving two and a half hours to Grand Rapids Michigan, it was easy to say I was more than ready to step out of the car. What I didn’t realize was that the show was sold out and a hundred teenagers and young adults were lined up outside of ‘The Pyramid Scheme’ awaiting for the doors to open to see The Cab, Parachute and Katelyn Tarver.  The Cab’s,  Dave Briggs; drummer, Joey Thunder; bassist, Alex Marshall; Pianist/background vocalist/guitar player and the newest member, Chance Chantry guitarist/chelloist, step onto the stage and start playing a beat.  A few seconds later lead singer Alex Deleon steps out onto the stage wearing his signature beanie and V neck. He begins singing their hit, “Temporary Bliss” to screams and cheers of fans.  The stroke of the first note began the high energy that surrounded the venue. The Cab was able to keep this energy up their entire set-something I do not see happen often at shows. Each member of The Cab  is like a cheerleader, vying for the attention of the crowd and wanting every eye in the room on them.  I often kept looking back and forth at each one of them, thoroughly enjoying Joey’s headbanging.

Alex did an incredible job keeping the crowd entertained with his stage presence.  During, “Angel With A Shotgun” Alex broke out in One Direction’s, “What Makes You Beautiful” to high pitched screams and thunderous applause.   After the song finished, Alex told the crowd how at age 15, starting off in Las Vegas, Nevada, the band was interviewed by a local paper. They were asked “Who would your dream tour be with one day?”  Alex replied, “Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5.”  Alex went on to tell the crowd about their upcoming International tour with Maroon 5 and how excited and sincerely  appreciative they were to all of the fans that made their dream possible.  “If you guys don’t lose your voice by the end of the night I’m doing my job wrong,” Alex yelled to a response of screams.

During, “Her Love Is My Religion” Alex continued to captivate the audience by jumping off stage to awe-struck girls.  They then went on to cover Ed Sheeran’s, “Lego House.”   Alex continued to keep the crowd intrigued and asked a group of kids in the audience why they had matching shirts. They replied, “We’re freshman in our high school choir.”  Alex responded with, “Cover  your ears guys, earmuffs.  I don’t know if most of you know but most of our songs are about sex.  But this next one isn’t.  Now I’m going to get beat up by dads.”  During one of their older songs, “Bounce” everyone,  including stage hands, merchandise managers, and fans, decided to jump and “bounce” making the floor shake.  The band closed off with their hit, “La La” and told everyone, “We will stay outside and meet every single one of you, we don’t care if it’s raining or how long we have to stay out there, we’d love to meet you.”

With a line around the venue, the guys held up to their promise.  Not only signing and taking pictures with fans, but actually talking and hanging out with them.  After previously doing an interview with Joey, he decided to take funny pictures with me and get my input on how the show was.  I then went on and talked to all the other members and got to know them and their fans.

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