Fall Out Boy Brings The MANIA Experience To Chicago

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Fall Out Boy is making history with their first ever headlining stadium show in their hometown of Chicago at the historic Wrigley Field on Saturday, September 8th. Ahead of the show the band offered a pop up experience to their hometown fans ahead of their show. The pop up was part museum, part jungle gym, part selfie station, and part merchandise shop. The event which was originally scheduled for two days, added Friday and other times due to high demand. We got to experience the MANIA prior to it’s opening on Friday.

Besides their signature llamas running around and bassist Pete Wentz in a glass box painting shoes, yes you read that correctly; the event featured a room for tracks on their latest album M A N  I    A.

Room 1: Wilson

Wilson was a dimly lit jungle which provided one of their iconic lyrics “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” on the wall.

Room 2: Sunshine Riptide

This was our personal favorite room, the room featured pill bottles with their FOB logo with plush pills all around. The room had “The Pills Are Kicking In” on the wall and below is a “ball pit” of plush pills which fans had the opportunity to jump into.

Room 3: Give Me A Boost

This room had the unique opportunity to listen to unreleased songs and remixes from Fall Out Boy on DHS headphones. Each set of headphones had a different song. While the music played there was a warped mirror on the wall, spinning faceless ballerinas, and a broken music box with the lyrics “One look from you and I’m on that faded love out of my body and I’m flying up above.”


Yes, we are writing about the bathroom. First of all it was a Restroom for all which we found unique and positive. The bathroom was lined with posters of their album cover for Lake Effect Kid. The mirrors had MANIA written on them and yarn pouring from your reflection’s eyes, in homage to their album artwork.

Room 4: Young and Menace

This room was an upside down bedroom. Once again there was an opportunity to listen to music via headphones while feeling upside down.

Room 5: Heaven’s Gate

This room had gothic themed curtains surrounding a coffin. The coffin was a mirror with an unusual effect on it making it look endless.

Room 6: Hold Me Tight Or Don’t

This room was COVERED in teddy bears. The floor had a few life size bears as well in their signature purple color.

Room 7: Church

This room was dedicated to the fans being able to write on the walls their confessions of sorts. This room is also where Pete Wentz was in his box complete with headphones and a “Don’t Tap On The Glass” sign.



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