All Time Low drop Interscope Records

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“A good chunk of this record deals with our signing, and eventual split with Interscope. It was the usual story that we promised ourselves we’d never let happen: Band signs with label, label throws everything into the making of band’s new album, team working the record gets fired or moved to another office, record gets delayed, record loses steam, band leaves label. I don’t fault the folks at Interscope for any of this. The people we worked with were amazing, and really believed in us. Even the people who eventually came in to try and pick up the pieces left in the wake of massive restructuring, were genuinely trying to help. Unfortunately we got lost in the mess of big business and higher-ups making deals. Lesson learned. No hard feelings. It’s not for us. We asked to be released from our contract, and they understood why. The other, and more important theme of this record, is self discovery and confidence. It’s about being sure that you’re not sure, and being OK with that— realizing that life is an adventure, and to face it boldly and unabashedly. I think this theme even plays into the former quite a bit; Don’t let anyone mess with you aspirations.”

-Alex Gaskarth from Absolute Punk Article

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