VIDEO PREMIERE: The High Plains Drifters Release “Virginia” Official Video

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You might know The High Plain Drifters as the new NYC-based Americana band on the rise, but to the industry, they are far from strangers. After working for years with the likes of Brian May & Roger Taylor of Queen and Suge Knight of Death Row Records -amongst many others- Larry Studnicky, Charles Czarnecki, John Macom and Mike DoCampohave joined forces to form a band and deliver a self-titled album that radiates all the good things in this world. A perfect mix of feel-good rhythms and catchy melodies, the album showcases the members’ talent at effortlessly merging completely different genres like rock’n’roll and country and still make you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs. 

The High Plains Drifters premiered their single “Virginia” earlier this month, and we are proud to present the official music video for the track! 

Take a look, and we promise it’ll make your day brighter!



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