Song Suffragettes Release “Times Up”

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Time’s Up by Song Suffragettes on VEVO.

The Song Suffragettes have just blown our mind with their new single “Times Up”. The proceeds for the song go to the Times Up movement. You can download the single on iTunes/Apple Music here.  The song features some of Nashville’s most talented leading ladies:
Kalie Shorr
Tasji Bachman
Chloe Gilligan
Savannah Keyes
Gracie Schram
Jenna Paulette
Emma White
Jordyn Mallory
Regan Stuart
Emma Lynn White
Kim Paige
Lena Stone
Jenna McDaniel
Madison Kozak
Jenny Ray
Tenille Arts
Tristan McIntosh
Tia Scola
Alexis Gomez
Trannie Stevens
Candi Carpenter
Lena Stone

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