Snowglobe Music Festival Day 2

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Unfortunately our team was unable to make it to day 1 of Snowglobe due to weather, but we kicked off day 2 with some great acts! The vibe at the venue was great, although pretty cold the crowd was having great time singing and dancing along to their favorite acts. With a great mix of genres ranging from edm to hip hop to even some pop acts the lineup really catered to everyone. Some of our favorite acts included LP Giobbi, Doja Cat, GG Magree, Graves, Kah-Lo, Kyle and Louis The Child. Some honorable mentions from day 2 are A-Trak, Brownies & Lemonade, Fisher, Kendoll, Manic Focus, and Uniiqu3.

The festival did a great job with having lit up art through the venue, and two ski/snowboard ramps with shows throughout the day, and they had some great sponsors like Monster Energy and Hornitos. MTV also had a heated bar area and they had a decent selection of food options as well. Overall this festival had a lot to do and it’s a great winter time festival.