Nick Santino “Big Skies” Album Review

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With A Rocket To The Moon disbanding I was hopeful that all of the band members would go on to still create music, and that they did.  Nick Santino just released his first solo album Big Skies, blending of alternative and a country music; a far cry from what ARTTM started off as.  With Nick’s gift of songwriting and with producer Pat Kirch (The Maine) the two create a wonderful masterpiece.

Each song tells a different story, together they create an album I can listen to in its entirety without skipping any tracks; a rarity to find in music today. “Gone Like Yesterday” showcases a country feel with pitch perfect vocals. “Mood Ring Eyes” brings a rock sound with edge and grit, showcasing the guitar.

Nick brings his acoustic taste matching with his raw vocals for half of the album including one of my personal favorites “Jackson Browne”.   I can definitely see Nick grow and go on to create more music and surely his fan base will be expanding with the different genres of music. Be sure to catch Nick Santino performing on this year’s Vans Warped Tour in the Acoustic Basement.

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