Jonny Craig NOT kicked off Allstars Tour

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“For the record – Jonny Craig was NOT kicked off The All Stars Tour 2012. He had some behavior problems that were having negative effects on other bands on the tour. This was causing issues and that is when he was publicly called out for his actions. He apologized and gave us his word the problems would stop. We then told him and his management that he was welcome to stay on the tour. His band chose to send him home on their own accord.

While I do not condone or support Jonny’s past drug problems or financial scandals, I have the utmost respect for him as a singer and songwriter. With that said, I do not think any artist in this era of the biz should ever carry themselves without regard for others because they believe their industry team will shield them from reality and protect them from real life consequences. This is why I publicly confronted Jonny.

No one is invincible, no matter how good you are at what you do.

Jonny was not kicked off The All Stars Tour by myself or the other tour producers and to my knowledge he was not having substance problems while on the tour. We wish Jonny Craig and Dance Gavin Dance the best in the future.”-Ash Avildsen, founder of The All Stars Tour

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